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Halal Takeaways in London in the W10 Area

Halal Takeaways in London in the W10 Area

Halal means something that is permissible in Islamic law. Therefore, Halal food means food that is acceptable and permissible in Islamic law. There are not many restaurants that offer Halal foods and that is why you might find yourself searching hard. In London, specifically the W10 area, there are few that you might find that also offer takeaways. If you are looking for Halal takeaways in London W10 area, here are few that are trusted that you might find useful for your case.

Pizza 2 Night

Pizza 2 Night has earned a reputation locally for upholding credibility and serving premium quality foods. Their success has been influenced by the dedication of the management and their employees to service delivery and upholding quality requirements. Their food products include healthy varieties that are acceptable under Halal laws. The restaurant offers among others drinks like Pepsi, 7up, Diet Coca Cola, and Fanta. They also have pasta dishes including spaghetti Bolognese, meat lasagna, chicken & mushroom pasta, and vegetable lasagna. On request, your meals are delivered with some coleslaw salad and you could also order for starters that include potato wedges, 7” cheesy garlic pizza bread, and onion rings. The restaurant is also rated well when it comes to hygiene and no cases of bad conduct have been reported. You can check its reviews on Just Eat.

Red Planet Pizza W10

Located on Ladbroke Grove, Red Planet Pizza W10 offers a wide variety of Halal foods that are delivered to your door. You can place your order online or through Just Eat and you will enjoy that delicious taste. The restaurant does not use frozen dough as this is always prepared fresh to ensure your foods are in the best state; you can prove this from the taste. The takeaway restaurant gives a wide array of Halal foods including Pizzas and lunchtime packs that are prepared to reflect their positive image built over the years.

Anar Persian Restaurant

Also consider the Anar Persian Restaurant when you need Halal takeaways. Their delivery service is fast and they offer a wide variety of foods that you will love. Their foods include seafood grill like Mahi Sefeed, which is whole grilled sea bass that is served along with salad and rice. They also have mahi ghermez, which includes salmon fillet that is served with salad and rice. You can choose from a wide range of appetizers including hummus, kashkeh bademjan, and Borani.

Chelsea Spice and Grill

Just Eat has also reviewed the Chelsea Spice and Grill Halal takeaway restaurant. This one also offers different types of Halal servings and their delivery time is awesome. Their menu includes Kashmir, which is mildly spiced with fresh cream and fruit. They also offer chicken and lamb and there are many thali dishes including meat thali and vegetable thali. The restaurant focuses on healthy varieties and has a service delivery that is rated well. You could also confirm their hygiene ratings as this is one of the best restaurants in the W10 area.

London Fresco

London Fresco gives you a menu that includes delicious pizzas, pasta dishes, and calzone. They have their ordering system integrated with Just Eat, and your orders are delivered in a quick turnaround. The deliveries are made right to your door. Their menu is diverse and offers you a good collection of Halal foods. Some of the awesome foods you could choose include Margherita, which is prepared with Italian tomato sauce, basil leaves & mozzarella, with drops of extra virgin olive oil. You could also order for desserts and soft drinks, which are available in a wide array for you to choose ones you love.