Featured Dish

At Makan Cafe, we serve simple, tasty fresh food. If you like what you see, get a plate of rice or noodle and go for combo meal. We have a variety of choice to choose from chicken green curry, chicken ’sambal’, five spice chicken, fish curry, sweet and sour chicken, prawn dishes and the popular lamb curry as well as vegetarian dishes. If you fancy something else, choose from our cook to order menu.

Mixed Vegetables

Breaded Crab Claw

Fried Noodles

Vegetable Spring Roll

Nasi Lemak

Vegetable Samosa

Menu by Category

1. Appetizer 8. Beef Dishes
2. Soup 9. Mutton Dishes
3. Salad 10. Seafood Dishes
4. Bread 11. Vegetable Dishes
5. Rice Dishes 12. Side Dishes
6. Noodle Dishes 13. Drinks
7. Chicken Dishes 14. Dessert